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About Mr Wixelpix

I've never been a formally trained artist, however being creative has always been an interest of mine.  In my teens, I recall classes both in school and informal workshops with a local artisan to develop skills with various materials, techniques, and design.

Throughout the years, I have played with materials such as wood, clay, metal, paints, etc.  As a consumer of art, I was intrigued with mixed media pieces, especially those created with wood.

After 25 plus years working within corporate Information Technology, I was ready to step away.  In 2020, I was able to focus my interest into creating Mr Wixelpix.

The idea of creating mosaics was sparked during my travels.  I became inspired to use the slight variations in wood to create the pixels for my own personal artwork.  Over the years of experimenting and tweaking, I developed a process using wood tiles to create custom artwork to the personal pictures and interests of my clients.

Rainbow Mountain
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